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From Saturday 1 to Sunday 9 December 2012, the 5th Company carried out a training period and participated in the ANTARES exercise.

The period took place in two stages:

Time 1: Weekend of December 1 and 2: Technical and tactical training period.

The program was varied.

On Saturday: Obstacle course, MOAL IST / C, local combat and group-level mission, tactical night orientation course by trinomial. Sunday was more restful: Volleyball, knot school, transmission, theoretical course on the mountain in winter.

Time 2: December 3rd to 9th: participation in the Antares exercise.

The walking section was made up of 14 personnel from the 5, including the section chief, the SOA and the three group leaders, and completed by a dozen young Legionnaires in FSI.

As part of the ANTARES exercise, the 5th Company’s mission was to ensure the protection of the PCR and to support the assembly and disassembly of the PCR. For this purpose:

– Monday: Perception and preparation of the PCR train.

– Tuesday to Friday: Participation in the exercise Antares, setting up and dismounting of the PCR day and night. Protection of the PCR (preparation of a plan of fire, point of filtering, escort …)

– Saturday-Sunday: Return to Saint Christol, re-integration.

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Once again the 5 has perfectly fulfilled its mission, in extreme conditions, peculiar to mountain troops. The C2 congratulated in person the action of the section which directly contributed to the success of the operational qualification of the regiment.




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