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Exercice CIRCAETE 2012

From November 8 to 11, 2012, the staff of the 5 th  Company participated in the CIRCAETE 2012 exercise alongside their active classmates who took place. This exercise took place in the municipality of APT and its surroundings.


The mission of the Company was to arm the operational assistance detachment (DAO) as part of the verification before projection in Senegal of a PROTERRE section of the 2nd  Cie. Eleven personnel of the company were deployed for this purpose and made available to the LTN ROBLOT, chief of the support section of the 2 nd  Company.


Regarding the company the exercise was in the form of a foot raid mainly at night between Saint Christol and Apt (about 30 kilometers). The groups of the 5 had for mission to build up the section PROTERRE by animating the sectors of surveillance and to test the devices by foot patrols, to play the civil populations or nationals.


After a conditioning on Thursday 8th in the day, the exercise began with a group obstacle course performed alongside the legionnaires of the 2 nd  company. As soon as the course ended, the DAO of the 5 entered the raid infiltration which started at 9 pm and ended at 4 am on Friday.


After 3 hours of sleep, the DAO resumed activities by setting up an animation aimed at imposing the section PROTERRE the care of an injured person in a hostile environment. The provocation and hostility shown by the 5 to legionaries allowed them to be confronted with a particularly realistic atmosphere throughout the morning of Friday. A new 6-kilometer infiltration course followed on a particularly uneven ground before being able to take some deserved rest hours at the SCHULZ farm where instructional actions on certain specific equipment were carried out (OB 70 and transmissions). .


Saturday morning was devoted to a new animation during which the DAO was to play French nationals to be evacuated.


After more than 36 hours of intense activity alongside the legionnaires of the regiment the staff of the 5 reconditioned themselves to arm a picket for the ceremony of November 11 in the town of Saint Christol. The convocation ended around a barbecue cohesion.

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Once again the company made a strong impression during this convocation by climbing to the level required to participate in this type of activity. The 5 was noted for its « excellent state of mind » and « outstanding involvement throughout the exercise ».


The company will conclude this year 2012 particularly rich by the exercise ANTARES in December.

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