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Garde nationale Reserviste



The National Guard helps to invest
in defending our values.


The commitment The National Guard is voluntary men who decide, in parallel with their civil life, to engage in the reserve operational in the service of the protection of the French to the foreign legion.

What missions? You want to enrich your personal or professional experience by taking part in useful missions for your country. In the National Guard, you can contribute: Sentinel mission Decided by the President of the French Republic François Hollande , Operation Sentinel strengthens security on the national territory in addition to the Vigipirate plan . It has been operational since January 12, 2015 1 .



By January 1, 2017

  • A contribution to the financing of the driving license

    Any young person who enters the National Guard before the age of 25 and who passes the driving license tests B during his / her contract (proof of presentation for the exam), can obtain a participation in the financing of his / her license. to drive up to € 1,000 as soon as he has made 50 days of reserve (including initial training) in the National Guard and provided he still has two years of commitment to serve in the National Guard. People registering for the driving license tests due to cancellation of a previous license will not be able to benefit from this device.


  • Participation in tuition fees

    Anyone under the age of 25 who holds a student card and who follows a student course in a vocational or higher education institution (university, university, etc.), regardless of his / her resources, will receive a stipend. monthly of 100 € if he commits to the National Guard for a period of 5 years and performs 37 days of reserve each year.




  • A loyalty bonus

    Any reservist of the National Guard who renews his initial contract of engagement for a new contract of a duration of 3 to 5 years and which totals at least 37 days of reserve over the past year, will be able to benefit from a loyalty bonus € 250, regardless of rank.





  • Validation of acquired skills

    The State will value the skills acquired by any member of the National Guard during the period of his commitment to serve in the operational reserve, by creating institutional bridges to the private security trades.




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  • A tax reduction for companies facilitating the engagement of their employees on the reserve

    The State will open to businesses the benefit of the tax reduction provided for in Article 238 bis of the General Tax Code relating to patronage. Companies subject to income tax or corporation tax are entitled to a tax reduction of 60% of the amount of payments to works or organizations of general interest in the limit of 5 per thousand of turnover. Companies that allow their employee-reservists to hold reserve periods in the National Guard while retaining some or all of their salary remuneration will be able to benefit from a reduction in corporate or income taxes of 60%. % of the amount, including expenses, of the salary represented by the employee-reservist’s commitment time.






By mail:

By mail: 2 ° Foreign Regiment of Engineering – Reserve Office
Quarter Marshal Koenig

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