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English By The Poured Blood

No money, no medals, just to be French! That’s how the story started. It was in 1993 and Mariusz Nowakowski had just lost his left leg on the Sarajevo airport. Mariusz was made short, thanks to derogatory measures because, no legal device allowed to become « French by bloodshed » except the procedure of naturalization applied to any foreigner who made the request. It was not until 1999 that a law was promulgated making the acquisition of French nationality « by bloodshed » automatic for a legionnaire « injured in operation and provided it makes the request. »

Like any law, it was voted unanimously after a strong mobilization of the Foreign Legion, its Elders and a number of elected on all sides. The case of Mariusz Nowakowski has had a symbolic value, the project had already been initiated in 1988 following hearings conducted by Marceau Long within the framework of the committee responsible for drafting a white paper in anticipation of the amendment of the national code. For the purposes of a documentary film on this subject he expresses himself on the motivations that led him to take an interest in …

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