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Special Geek : des protections auditives intelligents

To preserve the hearing of soldiers

The US Army is currently distributing earplugs to its troops that can silence deafening noises while amplifying the instructions of their team leader.

Developed in 2014 and tested at the time on 2000 soldiers, the device dubbed TCAPS for Tactical Communication and Protective System has since undergone some improvements to adapt to the audio realities of the war.

Offering better hearing protection without preventing the infantry from hearing the orders or movements of an enemy on the other side of a door, the TCAPS (now widely distributed), still suffers from an extremely high tariff since the armed forces must pay 2000 dollars to equip a soldier.

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Anyway, Captain Jennifer Noetzel is pleased but regrets that this device did not appear sooner. Only 20,000 American soldiers are now equipped.


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