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Statut du personnel de réserve

Social guarantee

During his activity on the reserve, the reserve staff is kept in the social security system he holds in the civilian sector; but it does however enjoy free military care and measures provided for by the Code of Military Disability Pensions.

Number of days of activity

Reservists who operate under the Operational Reserve as part of their contract or recall have the status of military. They are subject to the rules of general discipline and enjoy the right to pay and allowances.

The volunteers of the operational reserve subscribe to a contract of engagement to serve in the reserve (ESR) according to the needs of the army. The terms of the ESR contract specify in particular its renewable period of validity (from 1 to 5 years) and the annual rate of activity. As an indication, this is of the order of 25 days per year in the Army,

Nevertheless, in the context of a commitment in external operations, the number of days of activity in the operational reserve can reach 210 days.

Relationship between reserve staff and civilian employers.

Reservist’s rights, like those of the employer, are guaranteed by law. In particular, the corresponding operational activities can not be detrimental to the reservist’s professional and social life.

In addition, with respect to operational reservists:

They are guaranteed remuneration, social protection and maintenance in their civilian jobs at the end of their military activities.

Periods of military activity preserve the social rights in the company (advancement, bonuses, leave, social benefits).

The Reservist has a leave of absence of 5 working days a year, as part of his military activities. Beyond 5 days the employer must agree.

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Reserve personnel receive, for the activities carried out, the same pay and related accessories as professional soldiers of the same rank. The same principles apply for travel expenses. Reservists benefit from a rail voucher that does not require any advance.

Compensation is paid for each day spent within the unit.

-  Initial remuneration of a reserve soldier: 40 € / day of service.
-  Initial remuneration of a reserve non-commissioned officer: € 50 / day of service.
-  Initial remuneration of an officer of the reserve: 80 € / day of service.

Compensation changes with rank and seniority.


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    Un réserviste peut il passer le BMC (Brevet militaire de conduite) ?

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