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From 10 to 25 July 2012 the 5th Company (reserve) of the 2nd Foreign Regiment of Engineering, under the orders of Captain LARBODIE, armed the VIGIPIRATE MONTPELLIER mission alone and independently.


The 2 nd  REG Reserve Company , just like all the other reserve companies, is to be engaged under OPINT: VIGIPIRATE missions, HEPHAÏSTOS plans, GUEPARD alert reserve.


Company created on April 29, 2009, the 5 had been able until now only to strengthen the various combat companies of the regiment by means of individual complements deployed alone or in small groups during VIGIPIRATE missions or HEPHAÏSTOS plans. The increasing strength of its workforce and the quality of its staff allowed the 5 to provide from 10 to 25 July 2012 a full detachment to fulfill the mission VIGIPIRATE MONTPELLIER entrusted to the 2 nd  REG


After intensive operational preparation during the first half of the year, the company’s personnel were assigned to participate for 15 days in environmental control and protection of facilities, in accordance with the measures defined by the red alert level in force. , in particular by providing mobile surveillance missions and demonstrating a dissuasive presence on Montpellier SNCF train station, and Montpellier-Fréjorgues airport. This mission was conducted in the form of autonomous surveillance patrols under the tactical command of the patrol leader.


In the day-to-day operational phases, technical and tactical training periods were set daily for alert or « rest » groups. A privileged moment in the life of a reservist, this mission was not only an opportunity to develop the individual and collective know-how of the fighter, but also conducive to strengthening the cohesion uniting the men of the 5.


This first posting mission was successful. The rigor and concern for a job well done characterized the commitment of this company whose staff sacrificed all or part of their summer vacation to fulfill the mission.

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Through its action, the 5 has confirmed its operational capacity to fulfill missions directly to the benefit of the Regiment. Upon his return to the Regiment, the 5th was received by the 2 nd  Reg Corps Chief , Colonel BONINI.

With this experience the men of the 5 prepare for the second semester. Before the Antares Regiment that will take place in Valloir in Savoie in December, the company will validate the first modules of the military mountaineering certificate (BAM) in September on Mont Ventoux, then participate in a Regimental Camp in La Courtine at the month. October.

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